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Keeping Your Bite in Line in Basildon, Essex

Enjoy a straight and even smile with cosmetic tooth alignment by Eastgate Dental Practice in Basildon, Essex. We use the CFAST method to fix crooked teeth or teeth that do not align when the mouth closes. This method may also eliminate gaps between teeth. Only available for adults, this very cost-effective method does not require tooth extraction, is pain-free, and takes less time than other methods. Not a traditional orthodontic treatment, this is a private, cosmetic treatment.

Dentist and Assistant


To begin, we meet with you for a half-hour consultation to do a general checkup and discuss options and the cost of the procedure with you. Before treatment, a mould is made and sent to the laboratory. This helps us create a study model, or digital setup, for the teeth. Digital setups allow us to show you the result of the procedure right away by generating a computer model of your finished teeth. During the consultation, all charges are explained for you, as well as the steps we plan to take.

Aligning Your Teeth

Once you approve, we book your cosmetic dental alignment. The process involves using a brace based on the model of your teeth attached to a retainer that is changed monthly. The entire alignment may take six to nine months, depending on how fast your teeth move. We explain what steps are needed for after care, and then schedule an appointment to see you a month after fitting to change the retainer.

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