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Bite Down with Ease Using Veneers & Bridges from Basildon, Essex

Replace your teeth with a winning smile courtesy of Eastgate Dental Practice in Basildon, Essex. We put in cosmetic veneers, crowns, and dental bridges to restore your teeth to their former look.

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Get the Hollywood smile with cosmetic veneers. Many actors and actresses have lovely white teeth thanks to their veneers. By replacing just the surface, we avoid having to remove teeth. This procedure may also be used for cosmetic tooth alignment. Since the veneers can be removed, you can refit them and make them whiter as needed.


A stronger option than veneers, crowns are very similar to veneers, but cover the whole tooth. When other options are not suitable, crowns can be the answer.


Dental bridges fill in the gaps between missing teeth and are a better option than dentures. This prosthetic replacement is fitted, instead of removable, so there is no risk of dropping them when out having a lovely meal in a restaurant, which will give you more confidence. Bridges also do not damage the gums and feel more like a part of your body than dentures do.

Contact us in Basildon, Essex, for more information about having cosmetic veneers and dental bridges installed.