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The Secret to Better-Looking Teeth in Basildon, Essex

Beautify the look of your teeth with whitening at Eastgate Dental Practice in Basildon, Essex. This is one of our specialist services and only available privately, not through NHS.

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Why Whiten?

Whiter teeth give you more confidence and a better smile, making you happier with your teeth. This cosmetic treatment is also excellent for treating tooth discolouration due to smoking and other stains. The amount of whitening needed varies from patient to patient.

Initial Consultation

During our consultation prior to teeth whitening, we discuss the whitening method used, how long it takes, and the cost of the procedure, as well as the options that are available. Before we start, we do a general checkup and may take X-rays, if needed, to assess your teeth. We always address dental hygiene before completing teeth whitening, so we may need to scale and polish them. Once the consultation is complete, we book an appointment to perform the work.

After Care

Having been in this business a long time, we know the importance of after care. This sets us apart from other dental practices, along with our competitive and reasonable prices. We follow up with you and see you two weeks after the whitening. All costs are covered for the second meeting in the initial price.

Contact us in Basildon, Essex, to find out more about how to improve your smile with our teeth whitening services.